How do I view a reservation I booked online?

If you created or logged into an account when booking your appointment, you can log into the system to view your appointments. Click "Sign Up / Log In" in the navigation menu above. Once signed in, click the "Home" tab to view your appointments and other account information.

Where can I find descriptions of services or packages?

Click directly on the service or package name to view its description.

What do I do if my service is not available?

If no times are available on the date you selected, you can check availability for neighboring days or weeks by clicking through the date tabs. If you can't find any appointments, you can also call us at 00966112014444.

How can I find out prices and availability before I make a booking?

From the Book page, click 'Book Now' next to any service to check prices and general availability. We cannot guarantee that the exact appointment you want will be available if you decide to book at a later point in time.

What should I do if I need more help?

Call us at 00966112014444.